Hello, and welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere. Sally and I (Emily) have spent huge portions of our friendship discussing things that are deemed as insignificant to others, but are things were genuinely passionate about. Things such as make up, fashion, skin care.

If you’re not a girly girl you might struggle to find people to discuss how amazing that new black gel eyeliner pen is, they may not be equally enthralled with its smudge-proof ness, or long wearing capabilities. They may tell you to be quiet, or roll their eyes, or beg you to talk about anything other than, the wonderfully pigmented black gel eyeliner that is so fool proof to use. That’s why we started this blog. That and our obsession with youtubers, and love of creative writing…

We’re both Cornish, (I am sort of) and we both spend a lot of time in Plymouth, so expect posts centred around those locations. We have different tastes, dress sense, interests and skin care needs.

May To October is our outlet for the loves in our lives we want to share with others. Generally post twice a week, Sally takes Tuesdays and Emily takes Thursdays, we both work so the upload times vary and occasionally a post is late, but we hope you like us enough to stay with us! Thank you for wanting to find out more about us, why not drop us a tweet whilst you’re here? See you soon, Sally and Emily.

Sally ^

Emily ^


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